Saturday, November 22, 2008

Caitlain's Corner

Or is it Alyssa's corner? Or Alexa's corner?

Just who is Caitlain J. Simpson? Or Alyssa Simpson? Or Alexa DiCarlo, Girl Wonder and Escort?

They are all the same person.

Alyssa (or is it Caitlain), masquerades online as Caitlain, SysOp of Caitlain's Corner, a sex-advice website. She also spends her free time as a San Francisco escort, using the name Alexa DiCarlo. As for Alyssa Simpson? I'm not sure who that is. Maybe that's her real name?

From what I understand, when she first arrived "on the scene", she was dolling out advice, claiming to be a high school student. Soon after, she was in college, learning about sex from real professors and all (former and current members of have backed up that their research showed, at the time, that she was faking at least part of her identity).

Then she had a run-in with the operator of, and was banned. So, what did she do? What any good advisor would do: open her own website.

Now it must be mentioned that, when Caitlain's Corner first opened, it was registered to an Alyssa Simpson. It is now, however, registered to Caitlain J. Simpson (well, the site does not have the J., but the address does). Also, it is important to mention the site was registered in California, where it is currently registered. For some odd reason, she had a site registered in California while going to school in Florida (we're not sure how that makes sense, either).

What does make sense is that this wily girl lies about who she is - so she doesn't have to worry about getting in trouble for trying to lure her 16 year-old apprentice, "Keeley" into her bedchamber. Hey, if you use a fake name, you can get away with anything on the internet, right? RIGHT?

She'll probably deny all or most of this, but a quick internet search (may I suggest google?) of the names in here will show that there are some other people that have done their reading and research on "Ms. Simpson", and that they're not being fooled, either.

If you don't believe, at the very least, that Alexa and Caitlain are the same people, simply run your own search: Try and Hell, try, too! You'll soon see. Though, because I'm exposing her, she might change some of the registration info. If that happens, simply accept these screen captures as today's parting gifts:

Why am I doing this? Because she's a liar and a conniver. Because she's preying on young girls and boys on the internet giving advice and claiming to have a degree, yet she was apparently living in California while apparently going to school in Florida. Because somebody has to catch sexual predators like her. Because she thinks she knows more than your gyno, sometimes, even though she doesn't have a medical degree. Because I can. Because somebody had to. Because I'm a dick.